My view from the mokes. Perfect day
Booty shot

I don’t really know why I’m writing this on here, but my heart is seriously aching for my mother. She lost her husband to a heart attack 13 years ago and hasn’t dated since. She puts her entire heart and soul into providing everything for me and my sister and helping us out as much as she can even though she is a single parent. My sister and I are both in the mainland, and she is in Hawaii still, living with only our two dogs. She never misses a single holiday, she will send us quirky little care packages for Girl’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. She doesn’t make a lot of money.. but somehow gives everyone her all and everything. Every time I talk to her on the phone, she cries. She is so lonely, and I haven’t even seen her since June and have no set plans of when I will see her next. She supports me in every single thing I do, and always finds ways to make my life better. I can’t even give enough love to this woman and I can’t believe how strong she is after being alone for this long.

She texted me tonight saying she went to dinner alone at Tokoname, and found out one of the waitresses was in the hospital. After dinner she went to the hospital and brought the waitress some candy and magazines. Debra has the biggest heart out there and I just wish I could give her everything.